Impolitikal no mas

Sarah here, writing with some hard news. For a variety of reasons, we’ve decided it’s time to pull the shutters on Impolitikal.

The short version is that, despite our team putting a lot of energy into making Impolitikal happen, we simply don’t have the temporal or financial resources to grow beyond where we are now, or do justice to the vision of what we’d like to be.

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Michael Hurley UK tour

I’m coordinating US folk legend Michael Hurley’s 2018 UK and Ireland tour. Tour announcement below – please email with any media enquiries.


American alt-folk icon to tour the UK in June

Michael Hurley (a.k.a. Doc Snock) is a quiet legend, a wry conspirator in the stand-up of life. “The world is his front porch” and, come June, the American alt-folk icon’s vista will be a collection of very special venues in Scotland, England and Ireland.

The 76 year-old Hurley has been making music for nigh on 50 years. Having broken ground as part of the Greenwich Village folk movement of the ‘60s, he continues to perform his uniquely crafted – and vast – catalogue of tunes, performing odes to aliens, tea and women for spellbound audiences at home in the US and abroad.

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New role at the Open University, in Milton Keynes

I recently took on a full time role as Communications Officer for the Open University’s Learning and Teaching Innovation department. The role sees me leading internal communications for the University’s 450-person Translation department, which oversees the procurement, development and production, and delivery of the OU’s many distance learning modules.

The role required a relocation, and I am now based in Milton Keynes (UK), the site of the University’s physical campus.

While I’m working full time and in-house, Impolitikal don’t stop. We are continuing at a slowed pace, as the rest of our editorial team are also managing paid work, full time study, and family commitments – but hopefully still doing the job of keeping you informed and encouraged by highlighting issues and people traditionally under-covered by mainstream media.

Current projects

I am currently helping to create content for, and edit the websites of two research projects out of the Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester.

The first is titled Effective States and Inclusive Development, and focuses on the politics of international development – a particularly compelling topic in 2016. The project has been running for several years, and was just awarded funding for another three, so both its scope and depth are likely to expand.

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