I’ve been lucky to interview a lot of interesting and inspiring people since I started out in 2003, and to explore cool places and eat and drink nice things and write about those experiences. Some of these articles are linked to below. Notable stories not included, as I don’t have digital copies, are interviews with Amy Winehouse, Q-Tip and Lady Gaga.

While it can be cool to get up close and personal with A-listers, the interviews and stories that mean the most to me are those I did for Impolitikal, an online zine I founded and ran between 2014 and 2018. I also wrote encouraging content for teenage girls for several years for 247girl, an online magazine that is sadly no longer active.

Another blog project was Good Coffee Now, which I kept while living in New York City, at a time craft coffee was just beginning to outrun dirty drip.


Foley for Locals Only (2022)
Luca George for Locals Only (2022)
Rita Mae for Locals Only (2022)
Mel Parsons for Locals Only (2022)
Pacific Heights for Locals Only (2022)
Pretty Stooked for Locals Only (2022)
Mim Jensen for Locals Only (2022)

Tami Neilson for Time Out (2022)
Troy Kingi for Time Out (2022)
The Beths for Time Out (2022)

Kaylee Bell for Locals Only (2021)
Imugi for Locals Only (2021)
Jed Parsons for Locals Only (2021)
CHAII for Locals Only (2021)
RIIKI for Locals Only (2021)



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