Thank you, goodnight!

Sarah here, writing with some hard news. For a variety of reasons, we’ve decided it’s time to pull the shutters on Impolitikal.

The short version is that, despite our team putting a lot of energy into making Impolitikal happen, we simply don’t have the temporal or financial resources to grow beyond where we are now, or do justice to the vision of what we’d like to be.

A huge thank you to Editors Oliver Chan and Hannah Spyksma for their work and support. And a supersize thank you to Evelyn Marsters, who has been my Deputy and pal since pretty near to day one.

Impolitikal has been a very cool project to helm, if incredibly challenging at times. On a personal level it’s provided me a space in which I can learn about the world and broaden my thinking, meet and get to know a whole lot of excellent people, and to hone my writing and professional skills.

I hope it’s also given you some food for thought, and exposed you to some people and perspectives you otherwise wouldn’t have encountered.

Thanks to the many who have offered their time, expertise and connections over the last four years. It’s meant a lot.

And, thanks for reading! Keep enquiring and keep listening – the richest stories don’t always just rise to the top.




We may no longer be publishing, but Impolitikal remains online. Take some time, dive in, and critically engage with our collection of work.